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Controlled Ecosystems: Operation Clean Lakes Controlled Ecosystems: Operation Clean Lakes  






Reclamation and Purification

of Lodi Lake


Controlled Ecosystems
Reclamation, Depollution Systems & Hatcheries
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Controlled Ecosystems: Operation Clean Lakes

Controlled Ecosystems (CE) was established for the reclamation and depollution of our earth's water. This includes freshwater lakes, streams, and rivers of different salinities.

Controlled Ocean Product Ecosystems (COPE) is a division of CE. COPE was designed for the depollution of estuaries, bays, intertidal areas and eventually oceans. While depolluting, COPE also provides animal life for the replenishment and reestablishment of depleted coastal and bay organisms, and for human consumption.

The Lodi Lake reclamation project, Operation Clean Lakes, is a product of these divisions. It has attracted support and was approved by the Lodi Parks and Recreation Department, the Woodbridge Flood District, the California Wildlife and Fish and Game Department, the EPA, and the Lodi City Council. Moreover, many local and community groups are for the cause.

The Lodi Lake reclamation project can be completed and documented in 21 days time. The result of the project will be a freshwater lake, plants, animals and groundwater system restored to pre-pollution levels. To do this, Lodi Lake needs a year-round filtration system and closures from its current external pollution channels.

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